Change plastics for good

We supply high quality standard and bespoke materials

Plasmat are suppliers to the Thermoforming, Fabrication & Print industries.

We pride ourselves on quality, service, innovations and solutions for an all sustainable greener future.

From a broad range of materials, we can provide the solutions you require in presentation and protection required for your end products.

With 66 years combined experience in the Packaging Industry, you will have the confidence in our ability as a company to deliver your needs.

We provide for







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Access to the latest extrusion technology on the market

Our supply partners Marmara PET, Sunextrusion and BDP have been specially chosen for the high quality and unique materials they supply, so you have confidence in quality and continuity of supply.

Innovative and bespoke is the ‘name of the game’ with Plasmat, we are always searching to help the environment with any new innovation packaging materials.

With Plasmat’s Technical support 24/7 we can give you the confidence of a complete back up in the UK.

Seamless from manufacturer to customer

We have 24/7 warehousing & clearance house at our disposal through our partner Smart Logistics, so at all times we are in control of material movements from manufacturer to customer, giving a seamless supply chain.