Helping the environment through new material technologies such as BDP Breakdown Plastics, and discard ‘One Use’ plastics to reduce carbon emissions and aid the planet

Plasmat has a long-term commitment to reduce our impact on the planet and help create a sustainable greener world. We strive to use only sustainable recyclable materials to help the recycling chain, for efficient use of energy and resources.

Our pledge to only use reusable recycling materials and forever strive to remove one use materials to aid the marine environment.

Without the innovative packaging materials and use of barrier technology landfill waste would increase due to the added food waste causing a much larger problem than without this.

We continuously minimise packaging and invent new sustainable materials that aid the shelf life of foods that lower food waste to landfill

Breakdown Plastic INC

Help to Save our Oceans with our new BDP Break down plastic

Plasmat has a long-term commitment to reduce our impact on the planet. We depend on the sea for our survival and its essential for our economic prosperity.

The seas and oceans are our greatest source of Biodiversity, they cover 71% of Earth’s surface and contain 90% of biosphere.

Loss of dehydration of biodiversity in changes to its structure effect habitats, this is why any contaminations of any kind has a huge impact on Climate change that effects our seas.

This is why Plasmat have teamed up with BDP ‘Break down Plastics’ biodegradable PET to further our fight to stop one use plastics…

Breakdown Plastic INC Stop Ocean Plastic Pollution