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BDPTM is an organic polymer that is added into the manufacturing process of plastic, rubber, foam and fabric. Products made with BDPTM maintain all the same properties as regular plastic. The shelf life, appearance, recyclability, clarity, and strength all remain.

How does
BDP work?

Once the product is discarded into landfill, the microbes utilise the plastic as a food and energy source, accelerating the biodegradation process. What used to take thousands of years, now takes only a few years* as microbes consume the entire product. The only thing that remains are the same byproducts as decaying organic matter; humus, CO2 and CH4 that can be captured to produce clean energy.

BDP diagram



  • Marine Tested via ASTM D6691
  • Toxic Elements OECD 207 & 208 passed
  • Anaerobic biodegradable ASTM D5511
  • REACH compliant
  • FDA/ EU food complaint
  • Green Leaf Certified Biodegrable
  • EN15985 and ISO15985 compliant

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